MYX Finance Releases Half-Year Recap and Enhanced Roadmap for Trading Services and Incentive Campaigns

Grand News Network | July 9, 2024

Singapore, 9th Jul 2024 - July 5, MYX Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX), released its half-year recap and roadmap for the second half of 2024. The exchange plans to enhance cross-chain integration and introduce new features, including copy trading and seamless trading. Additionally, MYX Finance will launch more incentive campaigns aimed at community members, traders, and supporters.

MYX Finance, which launched in February, uses the MPM trading engine to provide a fair and fully decentralized trading market. According to authoritative data, MYX Finance achieved a daily trading volume of $100 million within 36 days of its launch. Since June, the average daily trading volume has stabilized at $200 million.

MYX Finance Releases Half-Year Recap and Enhanced Roadmap for Trading Services and Incentive Campaigns

MYX Finance focuses on combining the efficiency of centralized exchanges (CEX) with the security of decentralized exchanges (DEX), aiming to create a trustless and permissionless trading environment. This strategy aligns with the natural evolution of their roadmap. MYX Finance users can trade perpetual contracts seamlessly through the Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM), enjoying zero slippage, low fees, high capital efficiency, and diverse trading functions.

MYX Finance Releases Half-Year Recap and Enhanced Roadmap for Trading Services and Incentive Campaigns

The philosophy of MYX Finance is to utilize advanced technology and feature expansions to provide new perspectives and possibilities for the future of cryptocurrency trading. In recent months, the DEX has made significant strides in improving its platform, becoming the fastest-growing DEX in 2024. According to the Q2 development report from MYX Finance, the platform has completed a major upgrade, enhancing order execution checks, fee determination logic, and introducing a market maker rebate system, maker-only orders, and a decentralized referral system.

Moreover, MYX Finance has established extensive partnerships with numerous industry leaders in the DeFi space, including major public chains, infrastructure providers, blockchain media, and institutions.

The token integration and airdrops of MYX Finance serve as key mechanisms to incentivize and reward user participation within its ecosystem. In recent months, MYX Finance launched the Bug Bounty Program, during which community members provided over 120 feedback points, and MYX Finance rewarded 7,000 USDT. During the testnet event, MYX Finance airdropped 1,000,000 MYX tokens to reward early participants. As of the time of writing, MYX Finance( has amassed 56,200 followers on its social media platform,

With the mainnet already live, MYX Finance is launching the "Project Origin" campaign to further encourage community engagement and increase platform liquidity and user base. The campaign aims to distribute 20% of MYX Finance tokens, totaling 200,000,000 tokens, to community members and supporters.

MYX Finance Releases Half-Year Recap and Enhanced Roadmap for Trading Services and Incentive Campaigns

In the second half of 2024, MYX Finance will continue its commitment to inclusivity, actively integrating more wallets and chains, improving product optimization, token listings, and operational strategies. The platform will also adopt an open approach to user feedback and suggestions. MYX will keep launching new features including Copytrading, Seamless Trading, multi-collateral support and more, to optimize trading experience. Long-term airdrop activities and short-term incentive campaigns will be promoted to provide MYXers with bigger rewards.

About MYX Finance

MYX Finance is transforming the DeFi landscape with its innovative Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM). This decentralized 'Peer-to-Pool-to-Peer' engine sets new standards in capital efficiency, offering CEX-level low trading costs and high yields for liquidity providers. 

MYX aims to be the liquidity hub of decentralized trading by enabling cross-chain portfolio margin capabilities through its novel MYX. 




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